Garbett Homes
1% For Students
1% of the sale of your home goes to Escalera Today one million children in Mexico attend school in wooden shacks. Because of these shacks, students lose, on average, six weeks of classroom instruction each year. Garbett Homes is working to change this by building quality schools. 25,274 Students Sent to School 18,730 Scholarships Given
99 Classrooms Built 128 Villages Served
Donate to Escalera We believe there’s more to business than the bottom line. As we’ve been fortunate enough to experience great success over the years, we’re filled with a sense of responsibility to give back. For this reason we have teamed up with our partners to donate one percent of the cost of each home to help some of the world’s most impoverished students. By working with Foundation Escalera, we’re able to help build classrooms (100), provide scholarships and create educational materials for those who so desperately need them. Here’s to 100 more!

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