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What is The Dileri House?

The Dileri House is meant to spotlight one of the many students who have benefited from Foundation Escalera. Watch the video below to learn more about Dileri.

What your donation does.

The donations to Foundation Escalera are used to build schools and grant High School scholarships to some very under privileged kids in Mexico. The idea for 2017 is The Dileri House program where we will build a home in one of our communities and use the proceeds from the sale of the home as the donation to the foundation.

How it starts.

The Dileri House program will kick off by Bryson Garbett and the other investors in our Solstice at Water’s Edge project donating a building lot, the permit and setup fees will be covered by Garbett Construction and the home will be built using donations from Bryson, Garbett Construction and YOU in the form your goods and services.

The details.

In more detail, Chad will issue Site Work Orders based on your bids and your acceptance of the SWO assumes a matching donation to Foundation Escalera.  Our hopes here are that you can approach your vendors and suppliers with the details of the program and ask for their help in your donation i.e. covering the cost of all or part of your materials so you aren’t fronting the entire cost alone.  Your donation to The Dileri House program  will count as your 2017 donation to Foundation Escalera; you will not be asked to participate in the 1% for schools program.

Contact Chad Deveraux for details at

Easy billings & taxes.

For tax reasons on our side and yours invoicing will need to be done exactly as it is now.  You will invoice Garbett Construction, Garbett Construction will issue you a check for the work and then you will cut a check directly to Foundation Escalera in that same amount.  This donation to Foundation Escalera can be paid in full at time of payment from Garbett or throughout the year in payments; whichever you prefer. With your donation you receive a tax receipt from the 501C non-profit charity. 

Contact Ann Garbett for details at


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