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A relaxing bathroom is the perfect way to compliment to a great master bedroom. But when it comes to choosing the design aspects of your bathroom, well, that can be a little overwhelming. Here are some main things to focus on when planning out your dream bathroom that will turn any shower or bath into a visit to the spa.

Colors: You might not realize it, but colors have the powerful ability to alter your mood. Be sure to choose colors that reflect the kind of vibes you want your bathroom to give off. Cooler tones will relax, while warmer and brighter tones will brighten. Patterns can also add a little bit of flavor to the bathroom while keeping tones neutral.

Mirrors: Is your bathroom on the smaller side? Think mirrors. These reflective, decorative and useful tools help to create the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is. They also serve a purpose and investing in a good quality, large mirror, can really be the centerpiece of one of your walls.

Fixtures & Features: A luxurious bath tub, a large walk-in shower or a decadent spa area can turn any bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Think about investing in a main element that your bathroom is focused around. Whether this is just for you, the entire family, or your guests, it will be a largely appreciated element to your house that offers peace and relaxation.

Tiling: Be sure to choose tiling that goes along with your color scheme. The tones should match the overall feel the room gives off. From there, be sure to match the rest of your bathroom essentials to your main walls and floors. Towels, fixtures, cabinetry and storage areas should all follow the same pattern.

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