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Summertime is in full effect, which means hot mornings, scorching afternoons and humid evenings. While enjoying these types of weather conditions can be enjoyable, it is also important to take caution and stay safe. Here are six tips on how to stay cool, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine this summer.

  1. Never leave children and/or pets alone in closed vehicles, even for what you might think is a short amount of time.
  2. Drink water even when you don’t feel thirsty! You dehydrate much quicker in these types of climate, so make sure you’re getting plenty of water. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible.
  3. Dress in lightweight, loose-fitting and light-colored clothing. Darker clothes will absorb and retain more heat.
  4. Protect your face with sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat. Even when it is overcast, those UV rays are still out!
  5. Avoid strenuous work, especially at the warmest part of the day. Do your best to spend this part of the day indoors where there is air conditioning or a fan.
  6. Use fans to increase ventilation in your home, office, or any other space.

Have fun, but stay safe! Be sure to call 911 if you or someone around you has hot, dry skin, confusion, unconsciousness, chest pains and/or shortness of breath. Thinking about relocating? Make sure you check out Garbett Homes, one of the most energy efficient builders in Salt Lake City that offers many modern home designs sure to please every family.


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