TerraSol in South Salt Lake

Solar & Geothermal homes in South Salt Lake now Sold Out!

Welcome to Utah's premier Solar & Geothermal residential community located close to downtown Salt Lake City at 300 East and Penny Avenue (approximately 3550 South). Now selling from the low $200's. Enjoy power bills as low as $5 per month! These homes demonstrate that a first-time homebuyer can now afford a solar-powered and geothermal single-family home. Garbett Homes has teamed up with internationally renowned, California-based KTGY Architects to design and build Utah's first truly affordable solar-powered and geothermal home. Save green by going green... Smart! Solar powered energy and geothermal heating & cooling will save you money... and the environment. Conserve and everyone wins. This community is now sold out.

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TerraSol in South Salt Lake


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