Denice breathes easier in her Garbett home.

A Garbett home is a healthy home. With an energy efficient home you're able to better manage the indoor quality of your living space. Garbett's ERV clean air systems bring in fresh, filtered air from the outside several times a day, ensuring that your new home always has the freshest, cleanest air possible, keeping you healthy.

An energy efficient home is a more comfortable home. Our homes are built with increased insulation and better building practices that create a tight building envelope, which is able to better control the temperature inside your home. In the winter your home stays warmer and in the summer you can keep it cool, without having to spend as much money.

Every Garbett home is green.

At Garbett we're constantly innovating and improving so we can build you the best home at a competitive price. We use state of the art building techniques that improve the performance of your home, saving you money and ensuring you're buying a home with the latest in building technology. Here's how we're innovating.

From solar panels to increased insulation, our new homes contain the latest in energy efficient building practices. We build homes that are twice as efficient as the typical new home. This means that you pay less on your utility bills and save up to 60% on your monthly energy bill.


The rim joist can be a significant source of air-leakage. Drafts can be pulled through the house into walls and holes created by plumbing pipes and electrical work. Garbett Homes uses Icynene® water-blown open-cell spray foam to air-seal and insulate the rim joist. Unlike conventional batt insulation, the spray foam leaves no gaps or voids and won’t sag while performing as a super-tight air barrier and insulator.


Drywall clips/fasteners eliminate the need for wood/stud blocking where drywall is attached to the studs. Garbett Homes is able to eliminate over 100 studs per home, thereby increasing your insulation up to 57 cubic feet. More insulation means more energy savings.


By using 2’x6’ exterior walls instead of conventional 2’x4’ walls, and spacing studs 24” on center (instead of the standard 16” apart) We’re able to make significant gains in insulation. Wood is a poor insulator, so by incorporating these innovations we’re able to include more insulation and give you a higher performing home.


We use blown-in fiberglass insulation in all exterior walls to achieve an R-24 thermal rating (standard is R-19). We use blown in insulation in our ceilings to achieve a true R-49 thermal rating. Blown-in fiberglass has many advantages, it is resilient, non-flammable, non-settling, Eco-friendly (60% recycled glass & sand), non-absorbent, pest resistant and time-tested. And lets not forget that blown-in fiber fills ALL voids & gaps creating a tighter seal allowing a higher R Value per inch than standard insulation.


Raised heel roof trusses offer the most energy efficient roof framing. Getting full insulation coverage over the entire ceiling is difficult when ceiling trusses are not designed to allow the insulation to maintain its desired thickness all the way to the wall. Conventional roof truss assembly (insulated with standard batts) does not allow adequate ceiling insulation and the air passing through the vents is restricted. The Garbett raised heel system uses baffles to allow adequate air flow above the insulation. Blow-in fiber is used to insulate the ceiling and spray foam is used to air-seal the raised heel achieving a true and consistent R-49 thermal rating.


Attic access openings in ceilings severely compromise the thermal envelope. The Garbett system adheres layers of rigid foam insulation to the attic access cover to insure the true thermal rating is maintained throughout the ceiling. Additionally line the seam with a foam gasket to prevent and loss of heat.


With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, Utah is uniquely situated to harness the energy of the sun. The solar photo-voltaic panels on your Garbett home convert sunlight into electricity. The inverter then changes the current from DC into AC so it can be used by your home and the utility company. The utility company credits your account each month with any electricity you have generated in excess of your usage. That extra electricity is fed back to the grid. This process is called Net Metering. Your monthly power bill will be off-set by the power you are generating through solar photovoltaic.


Your Garbett home is equipped with an advanced air exchanger that completely replaces all the indoor air with filtered outside air, helping to keep your home and family healthy. The system uses advanced Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) technology to precondition the incoming outdoor air. During the warmer seasons, the system precools the air and preheats the air in the cooler seasons. The benefit of using energy recovery technology is the ability to improve indoor air quality and reduce the energy used by your heating and cooling equipment. This technology has demonstrated an effective means of reducing your energy costs by reducing your homes heating and cooling loads.


Your Garbett home comes with Low-Emittance (low-E) windows. Low-E windows allow visible light to enter our homes while restricting summer heat from entering. During the winter months the windows keep cold air outside while reflecting the heat produced from the home back into the home. Keeping your home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.


A programmable thermostat allows your to adjust the temperature of your home to be as efficient as possible, whether you’re at home or away. All Garbett homes are equipped with programmable thermostats as a standard feature.


All air ducts are sealed with an advanced sealant to provide a flexible air-tight seal. Advanced sealants can bend and flow while maintaining a durable bond.

Garbett Homes believes in giving back.

We believe there’s more to business than the bottom line. As we’ve been fortunate enough to experience great success over the years, we’re filled with a sense of responsibility to give back. For this reason we have teamed up with our partners to donate one percent of the cost of each home to help some of the world’s most impoverished students. By working with Foundation Escalera, we’re able to help build classrooms (100), provide scholarships and create educational materials for those who so desperately need them. Here’s to 100 more!


Our mentor-in-a-box enrollment service sends students to high school who other wise would not have gone. It’s cost-effective, trial-proven and is expected to send 7,277 students to high school in three years.

One decent school adds six weeks of class-time per student per year. To date we have built schools for more than 6,544 students in southern Mexico. The government staffs and the village maintains each school, and all are in-use.

More students would go to high school if they knew about it. So we tell them about it.And they go. It’s pretty cost-effective, and we can prove it. We call it REACH, a program that mass delivers a mentor-in-a-box to students wondering why and how to get to high school. REACH can end under-enrollment, and we think policymakers will pay for it because its both economically prudent and politically attractive. With partners that pay for success, we will scale up to bridge the information gap keeping students from high school in Mexico.

We disrupt the market that keeps schools in short supply. Schools are in short supply because high barriers to entry in the market for public works keep prices high and quality low. With a social purpose and construction expertise, we buck the market by building better and cheaper, which puts downward pressure on prices and lets public budgets build more schools. We stay disruptive by leveraging private donations to gain market access and grow construction capability.

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