Building Green

Homes that are healthy, energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

Green building is the practice of using better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal — the complete building life cycle — to increase the efficiency of use of resources and impacts on human health and the environment. Effective green building can lead to 1) reduced operating costs (by increasing productivity and using less energy and water) 2) improved public and occupant health (due to improved indoor air quality) and 3) reduced environmental impacts (by lessening storm-water runoff and the heat-island effect). Green builders seek to achieve not only ecological but aesthetic harmony between a structure and its surrounding natural and built environment.

Healthy Indoor Air

  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint
  • Anti-allergen air filters
  • Nonflammable carpet pad adhesive reducing off-gassing of harmful and objectionable vapors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Dual Pane, Insulated Windows that can open
  • Energy efficient furnaces
  • Energy efficient appliances

Building Green

Environmentally Responsible

  • Engineered wood I-joists and beams which use up to 50% less wood fiber
  • Oriented strand board (OSB) made from wood chips instead of plywood made from large vaneers out of old growth forests
  • Fly ash in concrete
  • Sustainable exterior building materials, which are long-lasting and low maintenance
  • Low-flow, water conserving plumbing fixtures
  • 30-year architectural shingles
  • Water conserving drip irrigation systems
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) compliant

Energy Star

Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products. First created as a United States government program in 1992. Energy Star buildings use at least 15% less energy than standard homes. They usually include properly installed insulation, high performance windows, and tight construction standards.


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Technology Ready

  • Wired with Smart Home Technology (cable, satellite and Internet ready)
  • CAT-5 enhanced structured wiring
  • Fiber optic Internet service
  • Home runs to central command box
  • Sound barrier engineered double wall construction system in party walls
  • Blow-in cellulose dense-fill insulation for superior sound reduction