Compared to a bright, sunny day, many parts of your home can become dull and dim. This lack of sunshine can make any room seem like it’s missing something, when it really isn’t! A few changes 
in the way you utilize and create sunshine and lighting can make a world of difference. Here are three ways to do a mini-makeover for different rooms in your house and make them shine!

Lamps: Whether you place one on a desk, side table, or utilize a corner space, lamps not only add light, but add flavor and decoration to a room! Get creative by bringing in colors that add contrast to a room. Shapes and sizes are all up for grabs when it comes to picking out both the base and the shade of a lamp. Even a small lamp can bring a hidden corner of a room to life or bring attention to a particular space that is often overlooked.

Recessed Lighting: This type of lighting is especially great in a space where you want to add something unobtrusive. It can also work in a variety of spaces, from small hallways and rooms to larger, open areas.

Under-Cabinet Task Lighting: Having trouble with shadows? If you utilize a counter space a lot, this type of lighting is perfect for you. They are narrow fixtures that go in the space between the upper wall cabinets. Fairly easy to install and affordable, too! Under-cabinet task lighting is great for getting rid of that shadow and creating a brighter workspace, dining space, or just an “anything” space!

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