Spring Activities For All Ages Posted on Apr, 01 2015

Whether it’s the middle of the week or a weekend free of plans, it’s always a great opportunity to try some new activities with the family. We’ve picked out some fun crafts, games and bonding activities that will really bring out the blossoming Spring season in everyone!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Learning can be fun! Have children place dry beans into a ziploc bag, along with a paper towel that is damp enough to provide moisture to the bean but not completely soaking. Hang the ziploc bag on a window so that it can receive sunlight and over about a week and a half, the bean will sprout! Have children observe the growth and they can record how much it grows day by day. Reading them ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ can round out the bean theme and make it a fun ending!

Indoor Puddle Jumping

Whether you haven’t seen rain in a while or you don’t want your kids to come back in the house dripping wet, indoor puddle jumping is a great activity. Cut up blue craft foam in the shape of puddles and rain drops. Scatter them around an open area and have your kids dress in their favorite rain boots and rain jackets. Let them grab their umbrellas and jump around! Sing along while you dance in the rain without the mess or cooperation from Mother Nature!

Feed the Birds

All you need is a few pinecones, string, peanut butter and some bird feed! Let your kids get messy with their hands, covering the pinecones from head to toe with sticky peanut butter. Next, have them roll the pine cones in the bird feed, patting it in to make sure it sticks. Attach a piece of string to the top and head outside to let them hang them on whichever tree they choose. While you’re outside, enjoy some time together in the sunshine! Watch the birds flock to the new dinner plates you made for them.

Walk and Feel

This activity is something you can do once a week, or even once a day! Take your children on short nature walks in different areas of your neighborhood, town or city. When they get back, have them write down different parts of the trip. Create four categories of: I see, I smell, I feel and I hear. Let them fill out all of the things that happened on their walk, what they liked, what they didn’t like and what they hope they see on their next nature adventure!

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