It’s no secret that the job market in America is drastically improved when compared to the lows of 2008. The economy is growing and the amount of opportunities continues to increase. But when we look at the whole country, Utah seems to be at the top in terms of metrics.

Salt Lake City and Provo, two large metropolitan areas, continue to reach new highs in terms of national growth. According to the Brookings Institute, both Salt Lake City and Provo have unmatched rates of unemployment. Employment has skyrocketed in Salt Lake City faster than any other large metropolitan area in the United States.

But what separates Utah from the rest? Experts say it is the “entrepreneurial spirit” that is a result of successful education systems, private industry, workforce development and government. It is also somewhat of a “business incubator” that has been home to the beginnings of many entrepreneurs, startups and companies building from the ground up.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s annual Enterprising States study gave Utah the top spot as overall best performing state for the second year in a row. This study looks at economic metrics, job grown and the overall financial standing of the state. The balanced approach and quality of life that not only Salt Lake City, but Utah, takes on as a whole, makes it a place for growth and stability.

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