Winter may be on it’s way out, but odds are it left a nasty footprint on your lawn and grass. Here are some tips to revitalize your lawn and gear up your grass for the upcoming Spring months.

  1. Rake and Reseed: Fall and winter can leave behind a lot of  leaves and debris. A once-over of a good raking is a great place to start shaping things up. This is a great time to notice bare patches in your grass and give them a little boost. Loosen the top 2 to 4 inches and even out the soil. Generously spread grass seed over the bare areas and be sure to press it in firmly, watering as needed.

  1. Say Yes to Compost: All you need is a fairly thin layer, no thicker than ¼ inch. Pick a fine-textured compost and spread evenly. Watering it for about 15 to 20 minutes will seal it in, but be sure not to mow your lawn for at least a week. This method is safe, organic and a great alternative to using chemically-based products while achieving a healthy lawn.

  1. Mulch All Around: More than just aesthetically pleasing, mulching around your trees, shrubs and plants is great for the soil. It helps keep the moisture in the soil, protects roots and controls germination. Spread mulch about 2 to 4 inches thick around the tree, out to the tree’s crown or beyond. Wood chips, compost, pine needles, bark mulch and organic are all types of mulch that can be used in a variety of locations.

  1. Sharpen and Organize: Whether it’s a push or riding mower, it’s important to sharpen the blade that has been sitting. If it is dull, it will rip the grass, creating patches and bare spots on your lawn. Freshly sharpened blades will evenly cut grass while allowing it to continue to grow. Also take time to organize the yard tools, clean off rakes and dust off the gardening gloves for easy access and a better experience.

  1. Bring on the Birds: A bird bath and a bird feeder are great additions to your outside scenery. But aside from a relaxing oasis, these items will attract birds. One bird can eat up over 1,000 bugs a day, which is much better for your grass, plants and flowers. Get the bad bugs out and keep the helpful ones in.

As the Spring season continues, there will be more and more to do to maintain your lawn and keep it looking as new as possible. These five tips are a great way to start, however, and get your grass feeling as good as new!

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