10 Items Every Homeowner Should Have Posted on Mar, 04 2015

From DIY projects to safety, there are some items that are must-haves when you own a home. We’ve narrowed it down to ten tools and gadgets that we think will be your go-to’s whenever you run into any kind of problem or just have a project that you need assistance with.

  1. Tape measure: Make sure you find one that’s wide enough to work with alone and long enough to get just about any job done. Tape measures come in handy for making sure drapes will be long enough to placing to things equidistant from each other on your living room wall.  

  1. Flashlight: You never know when the power might go out or you’ll need to see in a small crevasse. And if you have kids? A night time shadow puppet show might be just the thing.

  1. Fire Extinguisher: Safety first, always. Make sure everyone in your home knows where it is located. This is also a good time to develop a fire escape plan for you and your family.

  1. 5-gallon Bucket: From washing the car to a catch all for a number of outdoor projects, a 5-gallon bucket will find it’s way into hundreds of household uses. You will probably need a few of these as time goes on!

  1. Ladder: From hanging Christmas lights to making sure Fluffy the cat gets down safely from the roof, a ladder is always a handy thing to have around.

  1. Hammer: An oldie, but a goodie, and most importantly, a multitasker. Hammer stuff in but still have the ability to rip it right back out.

  1. Utility Knife: It might behoove you to have more than one of these around the house or in the shed. They can be used for cutting drywall, simple wood incisions and basic projects around the garden.

  1. Level: A necessity when it comes to hanging picture frames and shelves in any part of your home. Typically, you won’t need one that’s too large in size for most projects. Just make sure it’s good quality!

  1. 4 in 1 Screwdriver: Often times, you’ll need one of these to assemble a lot of pre-packaged gadgets you purchase from convenience stores. Make sure you has one that has interchangeable heads.

  1. Shovel/Rake: No matter what climate you live in, it’s always good to have one of each. And while you might not ever use it, you might have a neighbor who finds a use for it!

As your house becomes a home, this list will become longer. You will figure out the other things that you and your family use more often around the house, garden, garage and shed. These basic items will get you started though and have you prepared for any minor emergencies or projects that might come up!

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