The average person produces 4.3lbs of waste, in just one day. And for a household of four, that’s almost 20lbs of trash that needs to be taken to a landfill. While you might not think you can make an impact, you can. And you don’t have to have a green, eco-friendly built home to do so. Here are five simple, yet effective, ways that you and your family can reduce your waste production.

1. Be a choosy person: Do you find yourself taking free items, just because they are free? Try passing up on freebies that you don’t need or won’t use. If you see an item that is buy one get one that you know you won’t use, don’t buy it. And if you ever find yourself picking something off the shelf just because it’s cheap, put it back. All of these add up to more consumption, more packaging and more waste that you produce.

2. Refill when you can: Refilling is the way to go, so be on the look out for products that are refill friendly! Items like shampoo, soap, cleaning supplies and bulk food products are some that you can easily refill and continue to use the same container. This help cuts down on waste substantially. You can even refill your printer cartridges instead of buying brand new ones each time.

3. Reusable totes: No matter what kind of store you are going to, odds are they are going to give you your purchases in multiple plastic bags. Investing in reusable totes that you can use over and over again is a great way to combat this. These canvas-like totes are available at most grocery stores for purchase, varying in size. Fold them up and store them away in your pantry and bring them along each time you go to the store.

4. Put the ‘purpose’ into ‘repurpose’: Items you already have can be used and reused in completely different ways. Use old t shirts as rags, yogurt containers to hold crayons and office supplies or shoe boxes for holding photos and mementos. Not only are you repurposing items, you are saving money by not investing in new containers.

5. Choose better packaging: When choosing something at the grocery store, pay attention to the amount of waste the product creates simply by how it is packaged. Compare the amount of actual product (typically food) there is in relation to how much packaging there is. If there is more packaging than product, it might be time to look for another brand.

This list is no where near all-inclusive of all the things you can do to reduce waste in your own home. You don’t need a house that is completely eco-friendly to have a family that participates in being more green. Small choices might not seem like a lot, but to our Earth and our environment they add up to a huge difference!

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