How to Best Prepare to Buy a New Home Posted on Feb, 10 2015

Like a new car, an expensive piece of technology or an exotic vacation-- big purchases can be scary. A new home is no different, so it’s important that buyers understand they must be prepared. We’ve outlined a few ways for you to be prepared before you make the final decision. Mentally aware and financially stable, it is key to be informed and in complete understanding of what is to come.

First, it’s best to create a timeline. Start vague and fill it in with details as you go and discover more about what you want. By having a timeline, you are able to put on paper what you envision happening, and when. This is especially important when it’s more than one person. You and your partner might think you are on the same page, but it’s best to be 100% sure before you move forward with decisions.

It’s also important to understand the market. This doesn’t mean go out and find dozens of books on new homes at the library. Expand your knowledge relative to the market around you. Or at least around where you want to buy. This is also a good time to get in contact with, or find, a real estate agent and/or mortgage professional. But make sure you do your research on these folks, too. Find someone that has good camaraderie and repertoire with past clients and someone you know that is truly interested in helping you and your family. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to questions you might have.

Similar to a “pro and con” list you might make for two different areas you are interested in, it’s recommended that you make a “wants and needs” list. If there are multiple family members, make sure you have everyone voice their opinion on this. Then, create a final combination of the factors that are agreeably important and not so important. This makes the search much easier and can really help a builder out when it comes to making decisions.

Lastly, be sure to understand your budget. If that means restructuring it and crunching the numbers, then do it. Don’t put yourself in a guessing situation or leave anything up to chance. As stated earlier, this is a big purchase, so being prepared financially is one of the most important components to having a successful experience.

And while this list isn’t completely detailed with every single thing you need to be prepared, it does allow you to get started on the things you should absolutely have ready. This list will also help you think of your own ideas on how to be the most prepared to buy that you can be.

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