A home is not just “energy efficient.” It is built and comprised of many working parts that are energy efficient within themselves, creating the final product. One of these elements is energy efficient insulation. Garbett Homes uses Knauf Insulation EcoSeal in all of their homes which has a dramatic effect on their customers utility bills.

This insulation helps the houses that Garbett Homes builds achieve a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score of 40. A standard new home typically receives a score of 100, making a score of 40 more than a 50% improvement in terms of energy efficiency. And in all of Utah, Garbett is the greenest new home builder.

But what makes energy efficient insulation different than other types? Insulation is one of the least expensive ways to save energy, which makes it an excellent option for a builder like Garbett Homes. Optimally using insulation is a way to reduce greenhouse gases. This slashes carbon dioxide emissions by 780 million tons a year, which is equal to the electricity used by 90 million homes in one year. If this installation of this efficient insulation happens at the initial construction. Beyond more than just insulation, it is much more difficult to go back and make a building energy efficient through updates versus making those decisions during the designing and building phase. Garbett Homes understands the importance of making a home energy efficient from the very start.

By utilizing natural resourcing and reducing the use of greenhouse gases, companies like Knauf Insulation are vital to both the builder and homeowner of energy efficient homes. The proper insulation can save homeowners up to 20% on heating and cooling bills in one year alone. This also makes a positive impact when looking at the resale value of your home. The better insulated your house is to begin with, the less construction and updating it will have to undergo as the years pass, saving in overall cost.

Insulation is just one of the many ways to make a home energy efficient, but it sure is a powerful one. Such a simple choice can not only help save money, but have you feeling good about the house you are living in and the air that surrounds you and your family.


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